Epping Forest swinger wants group sex

Hi, my name is Virginia and I’m hoping to meet some like minded people on here who are into group sex.  I know it’s a bit forward, but I’m a very highly sexed woman who needs something a little extra in her life.  I’ve been married before, but I could never get my husband to be into the same things as me.

I come from Epping Forest; well, not from in the forest obviously, that would make me some kind of Elf!  I’m what is commonly termed as an Epping Forest swinger.  There aren’t that many us true swingers out there, so you must realise before you hook up with me that if I do meet a man here and I want to continue the swinging way of life, you’ll have to get used to it.  However, my main priority is getting men who are into group sex.  I absolutely love to be gang banged by several men at the same time.  I’m very accommodating and ready for virtually anything that may happen.  I also love to get in involved with other women too.  As I said I’m an Epping Forest swinger that is true to her word.  So please do get in touch.  Anything goes with me and I’d be happy to meet up or chat on the phone to discuss exactly what it is you’re after too; it’s important to me to find people who have the same philosophy.